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Placing an order

Trisik.mu is the online order site owned by Sphere Media Technologies Co Ltd. Our registered headquarters are at Royal Road, Gentilly, Moka, Mauritius.

These conditions govern all orders placed on trisik.mu, processed by our office in Mauritius. Any order placed by a Customer, whether through the company’s website or otherwise, shall be deemed as an offer by the Customer to purchase the relevant item or package subject to these conditions.

Trisik.mu is an online platform that does not hold any inventory of its own. It is a platform that is used by VENDORS to sell their products.

Trisik.mu does not offer any delivery service. Delivery of all orders done on trisik.mu is handled by each VENDOR.

Trisik.mu is not in charge of quality of products or timeliness of delivery. The VENDOR is responsible for quality of product, timely delivery of products, handling of products and delivery of products as well as any other matter related to servicing the customer’s order

Trisik.mu however plans to provide a rating feature that will allow customers to rate their service with regards to individual VENDORS.

Trisik.mu is not responsible for prices set by VENDORS or changes to prices. We, however, ensure that we work with reliable and responsible VENDORS who do not resort to malpractices.

By placing an order on trisik.mu, you warrant and confirm to us that you comply with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

At trisik.mu, we do our utmost to respond promptly to requests and inquiries.

Terms of payment

Accepted payment methods:

Trisik.mu accepts

  1. JUICE Payment,
  2. Internet Banking (Bank Transfers) and
  3. PayPal (PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address), an additional transaction fee of 7% will apply. Conversion rate will be averaged from https://www.mcb.mu

Note that payment should be received to validate your order.

Payment processing: All payment receipts are issued by email.


Once an order is placed and paid for, we will apply a NO CANCELLATION POLICY.

You can email us on expliker@trisik.mu for any cancellation.

In case of any issue with your order, we will demand proof to assess any request for part or full refund.

We rely on your understanding and cooperation.


Trisik.mu reserves the right to terminate a user’s access and to delete their registration within a period of one week after receipt of relevant information via email about improper use of the website. The user may also terminate their own access and registration within the same period.

The right to immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected.


Sphere Media Technologies Co Ltd claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike, natural disaster or any other cause beyond its control. Sphere Media Technologies Co Ltd acts in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for any VENDOR’s acts, defaults or delays.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, and in order to do so we maintain strict monitoring of trisik.mu

All information on trisik.mu website is subject to change. Sphere Media Technologies Co Ltd reserves the right to alter/change/correct mistakes that may possibly appear in the trisik.mu website or published price lists.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The laws of the Republic of Mauritius apply.

The English translation takes precedence.